Southern Hemisphere Mining

The Rincón project is located in the Coquimbo region of Chile, 185 km southeast of the region's Capital city, La Serena, where there is an airport and the mechanised mining port of Coquimbo. 

The mining town of Illapel is located 55 km to the west. 

The below satellite image shows the Rincón project relative to a cluster of Copper porphyry deposits. 

Rincón is located 9 km north of the Los Pelambres mine, which produces over 350,000 tonnes of copper metal per year.


The lithology of the Rincón Project, and that of Los Pelambres, are similar and of equal geological age.

Tch1 zones are part of the Rio Chicharra Superunit and the Rio Cerro Blanco Unit. These are primarily gray-light monzodiorites of fine to medium grain. The monzodiorite, diorites and subordinate monzogranites are from the Miocene age.

Trg1 zones are part of the Rio Grande Superunit and the Las Cuevas Unit. These are primarily monzogranites or granodiorites of medium to course grain. Monzonites and subordinate monzodiorites are from the Oligocene age.